Cancellation of the planned event on January 29th, 2022 and guided site-visits

by Cannerald
Posted on enero 4, 2022 11:00

Dear Cannerald & CannerGrow Community,

we have to inform you that we unfortunately have to cancel the second planned Cannerald event.

Due to the current restrictions & regulations because of the actual Corona situation in Switzerland, an event is not possible or cannot be carried out conscientiously. In addition, with 2G + there would be an obligation to wear a mask and a seat obligation, which would not really be the point of our event.

More than 500 tickets have already been sold and each of you will of course get the money back on the balance.

Although our first Cannerald event was already unique and in a class of its own, despite a very short planning phase and briefly changed corona regulations by the federal government, we would have surpassed this by far at the second Cannerald event and topped it to the absolute maximum. We wanted to offer you a real Cannerald event with the full package that would have been possible.

A lot was planned and a lot already organized:
Special guests would have come, an even bigger stage than last time, we have planned cannabis lounges in which you could have talked, stands where you could test upcoming new products for free, a pop-up store in which you could purchase products and a lot more.

In addition, the event would not have been an event for CannerGrow affiliates only like the last time, but an event for everyone - with a lot of exciting and current information about cannabis in the EU, as well as the current legalization plans and what this means for our company and you as plant owners. In addition, how Cannerald is already placed in the background, as many things are planned and organized in the background that you have not even noticed and we haven’t published so far. And of course the future steps for Cannerald in 2022.

The refund of the event tickets will be reimbursed to the accounts with which the individual event ticket or the ten event ticket bundle were purchased.

At the same time, we have to inform you that due to the current situation, we are also currently unable to give site-visit in our unique Cannerald State-of-the-Art production in Fraubrunnen.
For how long we can’t say yet, this depends on the federal corona regulations.

However, we will soon, within the last two weeks of January, upload a new guided tour video about the current status of the expansion in production in Fraubrunnen.

Your Cannerald & CannerGrow Team 🌱